L&M Maker Volume Down in the Q1

September 09, 2014

Philip Morris International’s (PMI) cigarette shipment volume in the course of the Q1 of 2014, declined by 4.4 % in comparison to that of the previous year, even so, leaving to one side the undesirable effect of calculated inventory actions in the quarter, the company claimed, its volume dropped by around 2 %.

LM tobacco

Volume decreased in all of PMI’s regions. It has fallen by 2.5 % in Asia region, generally highlighting a reduced market share in Indonesia, a reduced market share and the unfavorable time of PMI shipments in Japan, partly compensated by entire market expansion powered by retail trade and consumer purchasing in expectation of the April 1 consumption tax boost, and lower share in Pakistan, to some extent compensated by the final results in the Philippines being pushed by a advantageous assessment with those of the Q1of 2013.

Volume was down by 2.9 % in the EU, for the most part highlighting lower total markets, in part compensated by market share increase. It was lower by 4.8 % in Latin America and Canada to 21.449 billion, because of negative effect of price improves in Mexico. Also it has dropped by 7.2 % in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (EEMA), mostly because of the decreased total market in Russia and adverse projected inventory actions throughout diverse markets in the region, in part compensated by Turkey.

Marlboro shipments declined by 4.1 %, mostly due to unfavorable calculated inventory movements in Japan, lower share in Japan, and a lower market in the EU and Mexico, to some extent compensated by the company’s overall performance in the Philippines. L&M shipments have fallen by 5.8 %; Parliament's by 1.2 %; Bond Street shipments were lower by 6.3 %; Chesterfield shipments on the contrary have risen by 14.3; and Lark shipments declined by 0.3 %.

PMI’s shipment volume of other smoking products has declined by 1.1 %, mostly because of falls in the pipe tobacco and snuff categories in Southern Africa that compensated moderate progress in the fine-cut category. The overall volume of cigarettes and other smoking products has declined by 4.3 %.

PMI’s market share was reported to have amplified in several major markets, such as Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Korea, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, the U.K. and Vietnam.