Al Fakher

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Al Fakher

Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco is one of the most popular hookah tobaccos among smokers from Middle-East. This tobacco brand is produced in the United Arab Emirates. Al Fakher premium brand has the highest quality. The best quality of Virginia Molasses leaves were used in the production of this hookah brand combined with the finest and most interesting European flavors.

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The middle-grade tobacco was selected in the production of Al-Fakher Hookah because of the long lasting smoke and also because the smoke is so smooth. This well known brand is one of the best selling hookah products online. It is being sold so fast that each time you will order it you will receive a fresh supply.

The Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco leaves your mouth full of flavour and gives you 100 percent satisfaction, no matter if you are an expert in smoking it or beginner. The manufacturers are using only highest tobacco leaves for those smokers who are not afraid to try something new and experience the luxury of hookah smoking.

The premium quality of this smoking brand is recognized by all smokers in the entire world. It is definitely worth to try the large variety of Al-Fakher Hookah Tobacco flavor and decide which one inspires you the most and represents your personality.

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