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Avalon Full Flavor



Avalon cigarette brand was introduced in 1933 by Brown & Williamson Tobacco, because it represented a ten cent economy smoke. In those times a very big tobacco leader was Old Gold and of course this brand’s sales were bellow those of Old Gold, but with time they gained territory. Nowadays the tobacco leader is Marlboro cigarette brand.

woman smoking Avalon cigarette

The Avalon tobacco blend had a small amount of Latakia. Latakia represents a Turkish tobacco which is grown in Syria. Latakia has a unique aroma and flavor. It gives you energy and power for a very long period of time. The aroma is coming when the tobacco leaves are cured in the smoke of fires and it is made from camel dung.

Avalon cigarettes- Take a Step Back in the Past

Avalon cigarettes are high quality tobacco products and have a very reasonable price. They are being sold for many years and already have a great name on the national and international tobacco markets. These cigarettes are being produced by I.M. “INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO” SRL enterprise which was formed at 7th of November 2005. Merged into an old sweatning house the enterprise is working together with a German company. At this factory there are two shop floors: a leaf tobacco processing shop floor and cigarette production shop floor.

An interesting evolution was noticed about the pictures which were advertising the tobacco product. In the beginning there was pictured a glamorous woman smoking, later they have tried to make it more attractive with colorful show cards.

During the 1930’ an NBC radio program was sponsored by Avalon Cigarettes, which was called Avalon Time. The show was very interesting with cute episodes. Avalon costs with only a few cents less than the big tobacco brands and at the end of each commercials was put the sound of the ringing cash register with a cashier who was saying to the Avalon smoker “and don’t forget your change.”

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