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Camel cigarettes success represents the product’s low price and the high quality tobacco. They are in the top 10best-selling cigarette brands. Today it’s one of the wide spread cigarette brands worldwide. The smokers choose this brand because they love the high quality that is made of. A strong argument in favor of this cigarette brand is the slogan “More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other Cigarette”.

Camel cigarettes

In 1913 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, an American company launched Camel cigarette brand. It is available in more than 90 countries on tobacco markets. It became in 4 years the best selling tobacco product. It’s an interesting fact that the Camel image is on the pack of this brand and is considered to be of Egyptian origin, but Turkish archives say that is the symbol of gratitude to Turkish from Americans for their donation to American Army in 1854 that consisted of 34 camels. These cigarettes today are sometimes called Joe, because of the funny cartoon mascot Joe Camel. The most famous character, Camel’s mascot was Joe Camel that left behind such legends as Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse.

Camel Cigarettes- Make sure that you smoke the right ones

These cigarettes are being smoked easier in comparison with other harsher brands that are in top too. It has a smooth taste and balanced nicotine content that make Camel Cigarette brand a classic that will never run away. These cigarettes consist of a mixture of American and Turkish tobacco to make smoking more soft and gentle, unlike other cigarettes that were hard to smoke and much stronger. They are produced from the finest tobacco that is being felt when people are smoking them.

Camel cigarettes are available in the following variety: Camel Silver, Camel Blue and Camel Filters. Be careful, the Camels are coming.