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Every tobacco producer knows what to offer to the clients so that they could be pleased. The same is true for Cigaronne cigarettes producer. They have such a great success on the international tobacco market. This tobacco brand represents an exception, because it is new and different from the other brands. It has 56 mm of smoking part and 64 mm of hard filter holder. Its design and taste are very original.

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Cigaronne brand is produced by Armenian Tobacco enterprise SPS Cigaronne Co. They appeared in 1999. It is a company equipped with qualified staff and modern technologies. Cigaronne Company is a young enterprise; it created a list of tobacco brands that became very popular among smokers. This tobacco producer is successful because he is the newest and the best.

Cigaronne cigarettes- make the difference

The cigarettes are so exclusive; they are having an original design foil and a unique hard filter holder. The tobacco company that produces these cigarettes is equipped with modern machinery. The producer claims that when they created Cigaronne cigarettes three ideas were taken into consideration. They were: creating maximum comfort for smokers, high quality, meeting the requirements of hygiene.

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