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Cosmos cigarettes have an original taste of the best tobacco. The name of this smoking cigarette means universe, world. The feeling of freedom and peace is surrounding you while you are inhaling. They are created especially for smokers who will try this brand. Cosmos cigarettes taste so good, it’s a real delight.

TUTUN CTC Cigarette Company is the one that manufactured this original tobacco brand. This product was tested and entitled internationally as one of the best tobacco products. TUTUN CTC is the biggest cigarette producer in Eastern Europe. It is well-known all over the world. This tobacco company has developed on tobacco markets so quickly. Even though they have a small market share they are developing very fast.

Cosmos cigarettes - Like in the tobacco universe.

Cosmos cigarette brand is presented in king size length, 84 mm, and 20 cig piece in a cartoon pack. This premium tobacco has a filter longer than ordinary one. The color of the pack is blue with a bright comet on it. The best way for Americans who want to taste this brand is to buy Cosmos cigarettes in our online store. We guarantee a high quality with great results.

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The name “Cosmos” for this brand creates an impression that this tobacco brand is a star. There are many smokers in the Eastern Europe who like this brand and the numbers are growing. Lightening up this cigarettes creates an impression of illusory contradiction of desire and reality. It is a pleasure that can’t be told by words, you just have to try it.

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