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Doina Cigarettes are a very good tobacco product and it has been recognized by international experts. TUTUN-CTC becomes the holder of Paris Award for Quality in 1998 and 2000, but in 1999 he was the holder of Madrid Award.

TUTUN CTC is the producer of this cigarette brand. It represents the biggest tobacco producer from ex-Soviet Union. This company a few years ago was equipped with new machinery that helped the workers to do a better job and increase the quality of its tobacco products. These cigarettes are sold in Serbia, Russia and almost all the states that were part of the ex-USSR.

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These cigarettes are made out of American and Oriental tobacco. Oriental tobacco is known for its semi-flavored and flavored taste but American type is a combination of Maryland, Burley and Virginia tobacco. It is a special experience when you try for the first time Doina cigarettes.

The unique aroma and taste makes this tobacco brand a leader. It has a good reputation and has won the national recognition. Doina cigarette brand has its own devoted fans. If there are any smokers that would want to try something else, they should try this brand, it is perfect. They will never forget the experience they have had. This tobacco brand has a pure and cool taste, because of the special refinement of tobacco and pure, cool taste with menthol additives.

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