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Dunhill cigarettes represent one the best luxury brand on the tobacco market. British American Tobacco is the manufacturer of these cigarettes. They are considered to be the best British Cigarettes on the tobacco market because of its high quality. It is one of the most demanded premium cigarette brands in the whole world. Dunhill brand is preferred by those persons who prefer luxury cigarette brands.

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Dunhill Cigarettes- Luxury cigarettes from British American Tobacco

Many smokers have tried and praised Dunhill brand. It has a very smooth taste. The design of the pack has attracted very many smokers. This brand is a little bit more expensive than the regular cigarettes because they have the best quality.

This brand is considered to have a classic flavor and is the most expensive premium cigarettes on the tobacco market. For Cigarettes like this it is used tobacco blend which comes from Virginia. In Virginia are cultivated the best tobacco in the entire world. These cigarettes are recognized after their rich and mild taste. It is the leader of the premium cigarettes category in Europe.

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