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Fluieras is a tobacco product well known on the domestic tobacco market. They have a specific taste that is preferred by optimistic, confident and enthusiastic people. Fluieras cigarette brand is prepared from a mixture of Oriental, Burley and Virginia tobacco, with addition of different aromatic agents. Their taste is aromatic and rich. It’s exclusive.

TUTUN CTC is the company that manufactures this cigarette brand. The company is very well known in Eastern Europe. Tutun CTC is a winner of international exhibitions and tobacco forums. For example: “International Gold Star for Quality (Madrid 1998) and the 12th International Europe Award for quality (Paris 1998)”.

If you are full of energy and optimistic these cigarettes are created especially for you. Don’t forget you will be in the same boat with thousands of smokers that have already tried this tobacco brand and liked it. Make this tobacco product a part of your life.

fluieras brand

On the surface, the pack has two lonely shepherds who play the whistle, called fluier, and stay under the tree. It creates an impression of harmony. Fluieras cigarettes are produced in king size length, 84mm, and their taste is more interesting. The company’s main representative is Fluieras cigarette brand. With this tobacco product TUTUN CTC Company participates in many forums.

There is only a single variation, that is why it is so respected and demanded. Fluieras doesn’t have rivals on the tobacco market.