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The cigarette brand is receiving a stable popularity over the last couple of years, with rising sales anywhere Galaxy is available. The unique savor mix of tobacco offers Galaxy cigarettes a magnificent taste. The soothing taste has guaranteed a large user base.

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Philip Morris Companies Inc. is the producer of Galaxy brand and also of Marlboro cigarettes, LM cigarettes, Virginia cigarettes, Chesterfield cigarettes, Bond cigarettes. This cigarette company is known in the entire world for their best quality cigarettes and great prices. Every smoker who has ever tried their brands remembers their taste for a long time.

Galaxy cigarettes are produces in USA, Chile, Brazil or Uruguay. They can be long having 100 mm or king size with 85 mm, hard or soft pack; the pack can contain 20 cigarettes. Today Galaxy offers you essence of pedigreed tobaccos throughout a charcoal tip.

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