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Gauloises cigarettes are of French manufacturer and they have appeared first in 1910. In the beginning this brand was unfiltered, only in 1950’s filter was introduced to Gauloises Cigarette Brand. It took 40 years to pass so that later smokers could feel the great taste of this special brand.

Gauloises Cigarette Brand

Imperial Tobacco is the one which manufacturers this tobacco brand. It is also the producer of Davidoff cigarettes. For their production was used first dark tobacco from turkey and Syria. Traditional Gauloises Cigarette products were unfiltered, short and wide. They had a strong, special smell.

Gauloises Cigarettes-Freedom Forever

In 1984 this brand was produced of light tobacco and renamed Gauloises Blondes. In the past in France the smoking of Gauloises cigarettes was considered patriotic and associated with the resistance of the fighters. Their slogan was -Freedom forever- in french sounds- Liberté toujours. The cigarettes also represented important art figures in the entire world like Pablo Picasso or musicians like Jim Morrison.

Gauloises brand became very fast one of the most popular smoking brands among artists and writers: James Bond, Ian Fleming’s hero. But James Bond preferred to order his cigarettes from Morland’s Special Blend of Grosvenor Street in every story written by Julio Cortázar. George Orwell a well-known writer said that he smokes the Gauloises tobacco brand in Down and Out in Paris and London.

Smoking Gauloises is mentioned in the serial for teenagers Gossip Girl.

The design of the Gauloises cigarette pack is very interesting and created especially for its devoted smokers. Just try the special taste of Gauloises cigarettes and feel strong and protected.