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Glamour cigarettes today are on the top of selling cigarettes in a lot of countries. They have always been popular. This brand of cigarettes is considered to be the women’s ones. They help you define your personality. Every woman has her beauty and charm, but they always tend to one thing, to glamour.

Glamour cigarettes- Defines Your Personality

This brand of cigarettes was created by Gallagher Company especially for women, they also manufacture Sovereign Cigarettes. This smoking product makes you feel great and free. It becomes a part of your life in time. The cigarettes are slim and long with a beautiful design inside and outside the pack. Gallagher honored all lady smokers with this high quality product. The company of tobacco products found the exact product that was missing on the tobacco market of smoking products. Ingredients like stylish, elegancy, exclusiveness were used to create this special offer for all the women.

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Glamour has gained a big popularity in Ukraine, because it creates tobacco products mainly for Europe. These cigarettes have become one of the most desired smoking products. Gallagher was the first company that produced slim and super slim format cigarettes in Ukraine that is how the fact that there is a big demand on Glamour cigarettes could be explained.

We offer Glamour cigarettes in more variations: Glamour Lilac, Glamour Blue, Glamour Amber, Glamour Superslims Menthol and Glamour Superslims Pinks . Which one is representing you, it’s your decision. Choose the best cigarettes for you on our online cigarette store at the lowest prices.

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