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Harpy cigarette is a new tobacco brand preferred by smokers. The international cigarette market has appreciated it for the great and the special flavor. This cigarette product is produced by a well known tobacco manufacturer Tutun CTC from Republic of Moldova. Producing qualitative cigarette brands is their goal. Buy Harpy cheap cigarette brand online.

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Tutun CTC is known to create Cosmos cigarettes, Doina cigarettes, Fluieras cigarettes and many other interesting brands.

In the process of making this new smoking brand there were used the newest technologies for tobacco cutting, special technologies for combination and dispensation. This helps in making the flavor of Harpy cigarettes even better.

Smokers from Hungary, Bulgaria or Turkey appreciate this brand.

There are three types of Harpy cigarettes online : Harpy 4, Harpy 6, Harpy 8.

Best tobacco types were used to create this cheap smoking brand. The low price is attracting new smokers every day and they love the high quality.

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