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Karelia cigarettes are a brand manufactured by the Karelia Tobacco Factory, a leading exporter and a cigarette manufacturer which created some of the best tobacco brands in the world. Karelia is a cigarette brand that is produced with the use of natural tobacco without chemical additives.

Karelia Cigarette Company started as a family business and it has grown very fast in the last few years thanks to its big success. Today this company exports cigarettes to more than 60 countries and is producing 15 billion cigarettes a year. It is also known for producing tobacco accessories and tobacco brands. These cigarettes have a good reputation in comparison with other tobacco brands.

Karelia Cigarettes- Best Reputation and Satisfaction

Greece is known for its mythological past and places all over the world, but Karelia brand is famous for its modern taste. Karelia tobacco product is celebrated as a premium brand by smokers from North America, South America, Europe, Pacific Asia and Africa. This product can be classified as exclusive for its flavor and package. All the cigarettes have a specially constructed filter.

Karelia cigarettes

Our online store offers you a chance to go to Greece if you have never been there only by trying these special cigarettes. With the first smoke you will feel that you are already there. The taste of Greek beauty is embodied in the Karelia cigarette brand.

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