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Leana Non-Filter



Leana cigarette brand is produced in Moldova, short (70 mm), wide flat soft box, 20 non-filter cigarettes in a yellow pack. It is well known that Yellow symbolizes wisdom, joy and happiness. People with high intellect prefer the yellow color.

Leana tobacco

Add some yellow color in your life and smoke Leana cigarettes when you want:

• clarity for decision-making

• sharper memory and concentration skills

• relief from ‘burnout’, panic, nervousness

These cigarettes have an inexpensive price and a high quality, Lena became a popular brand worldwide. This tobacco product is characterized by rich aroma and a fine taste.

Because of their high quality and inexpensive price, Leana cigarettes became a very popular brand worldwide. This smoking product is characterized by fine, rich aroma that is provided by selected blended tobacco. Leana, is a common first name for women in Moldova, the country where it is made this brand. This brand of cigarettes can be smoked by men and women.

Leana Cigarettes - Traditional Smoking Cigarettes

Leana brand is made by Moldavian cigarette-maker TUTUN-CTC , one of the leading tobacco companies in Eastern Europe. They have won many contests and have many international quality certificates. Leana’s cigarettes design is different from the other brands. It has a really simple pack design. The company that manufactures this product, TUTUN CTC, by creating this tobacco brand wanted to accentuate the simple things. That’s why they created a pack in a modest style.

TUTUN-CTC also manufactures the following brands: Fluieras, Doina, Astra, Cosmos and Zimbru. So if you prefer a unique taste of pure tobacco, the original flavor of non-filtered cigarettes, Leana brand is exactly for you.

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