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The name of Luceafar was selected because of the importance of this symbol in the Republic of Moldova, where the Luceafar cigarettes are made. It means power, strength and the right choice. These cigarettes provoke wonderful sensations when you smoke.

TUTUN-CTC is the only company in Moldova and Eastern Europe that contributed so much to the great quality of the cigarettes that are sold not only inside the country but abroad too, especially in Europe. In 1980 Luceafar cigarette brand was introduced to the national market. However, TUTUN-CTC, in 2003 decided to make some modifications in both interiors and exteriors of the brand. Mihai Eminescu is the author of the Luceafar poem and was a famous Romanian poet. In his honor his face is designed on the Luceafar cigarette pack.

Luceafar cigarettes

High quality, the brown filter that doesn’t allow the toxins to go inside the lungs, great design, delicate taste, these are the qualities that tell why Luceafar cigarettes are so special. The tobacco formula of this cigarette brand contains almost 20 different sorts of selected tobacco that was brought from all over the world. They give the energy that a person needs to have during the whole day; they calm down the mind and help take the right decisions. The great quality of its tobacco gives the opportunity to choose the best cigarettes and feel the mild taste.

Luceafar cigarettes - the star that shows you the right way

International Gold Star for Quality confirmed the high quality of this brand at Madrid Exhibition a few years ago.

Luceafar tobacco brand is known as the finest cigarettes, which care about their admirers. So smooth, so satisfying, so great. It is so good to your taste and mind. It’s never too strong, never too weak. Always that’s the goods.

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