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Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike cigarette brand has a special taste and an interesting design. “L.S.M.F.T.” (“Lucky Strike means fine tobacco”) is a message that was introduced on the package in 1917. In the same year the brand started using a slogan “It’s Toasted”, so that consumers could understand the method that was used for production.

Lucky Strike cigarettes - Keep The Luck With You

In 1871 R.A.Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, USA introduced the Lucky Strike cigarette brand. Currently Lucky Strike has a small base of smokers but very loyal. Because of the distinctive manufacturing process the cigarettes Lucky Strike are said to have a special flavor. This brand is called “Lucky” because it is deriving from “luck”. Lucky Strike brings luck to anyone who tries it, says an old superstition.

Lucky strike tobacco

Lucky Strike cigarette brand is very well known in modern games, books and movies. It is a star in this world that we are living in. Raymond Lowey designed The Lucky Strike logo. He was a well known industrial designer who created the logos of “Coca Cola” and “Shell”, too. Initially the pack of this brand of cigarettes was dark green, but then in 1042 it changed into white. Officially that was done to reduce the chromium and copper materials usage. That image attracted more women in smoking.

It is a very special brand because it has an interesting manufacturing process. The method of tobacco preparation is so different than the other well-known brands: the tobacco is toasted, not sun-dried. That is a process that helps this brand of cigarettes to be more desirable and makes Lucky Strike unique. The taste is wonderful and its flavor is amazing. Real Lucky Strike smokers can recognize it from many other tobacco products.

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