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TUTUN-CTC is the one that manufactures Marengo cigarette brand. This happened after several years of hard work and many researches. These cigarettes are made of expensive premium-quality American tobacco, imported from several places of the world. To create this new tobacco product there were used new technologies.

Marengo Cigarette Brand - Famous for Their Quality and Cheap Price

Marengo cigarettes

The experts combined natural flavoring agents and more than 30 sorts of American blend tobacco in order to receive a magic taste and discover a new world of great sensations. The filter was created by Filtrona International Ltd, a famous filter maker.

Marengo cigarettes are made according to European Union’s quality standards which were confirmed by corresponding certificates. Even though this brand is young it has already become a strong competitor on domestic and international markets. Marengo cigarettes have a nice pack design and a reputation of a good tobacco product in Moldova. That is no surprise why millions of smokers chose this cigarette brand.

Our online cigarette shop offers you an exclusive opportunity to taste the superb quality cigarettes by ordering them at a cheap price.Marengo Cigarettes are being sold in three versions: Marengo Legato, Marengo Forte and Marengo Piano, which differ in strength but have the same premium quality and fine taste.