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More cigarette brand is manufactured by the well known tobacco producer Reynolds Tobacco Company. All the products that are made by this company are divided in 3 types: non-support brands, selective-support brands and investment category. More Cigarettes are included in the non-support brand type. The characteristic of this type is the fact that the product is made in a low quantity. R.J. Tobacco Company produces this type of cigarette with respect to devoted customers. This brand is not advertised by the company but it still has a high demand on the tobacco market.

More cigarette brand

The first More cigarettes were brown and were destined for women. They appeared in 1975 year. In the beginning they were 120 mm long and it was the most successful brand because of his fine aroma and taste. Nowadays these cigarettes are preferred by men and women in the same time and are very popular among smokers.

More Cigarette Brand- Desire to Be More Active

More cigarettes have a delicate flavor and aroma. They represent more than just a simple cigarette. Now this tobacco brand is produced under license by various tobacco companies. These cigarettes are recognizable in the European countries. The entire world feels the pleasure that these cigarettes offer.

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