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MT cigarette brand is considered to be a very special blended tobacco brand. It has a great, unique taste and a perfumed aroma that every smoker would appreciate. Tobacco producers are increasing the assortment of different smoking cigarettes that is how they created MT cigarette brand.

TUTUN-CTC is the producer of this brand of cigarettes. This company is well known for its success in Europe. It participated in international and national tobacco forums. TUTUN –CTC became the winner of golden, silver and bronze medals. An important event is the fact that the producer of this brand tested the cigarettes in the labs of Minnesota University, and there it was approved that the tested tobacco producthas a low content of cancer agents.

MT cigarettes

MT is prepared from 3 sorts of tobacco that are the best: Virginia, Oriental and European. Each sort is famous for its technological qualities, flavored aromas and low tar consistence. In order to increase the high quality of their products the company brought new technologies of preparation the tobacco from Austria, France, Great Britain and Germany.

Thanks to the pack you can easily recognize the MT cigarettes. It is hard pack that is half white, half red with blue stripes that go perpendicularly. In the center you can see the brand name and each pack has 20 filtered cigarettes. MT cigarettes have great characteristics like: superior, original, fine and clear. The length of the MT cigarette is 84mm.

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