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Orbita cigarettes are a new type of cigs manufactured by TUTUN-CTC. It is a very well known tobacco company in Europe, which is manufacturing high quality tobacco products like Doina, Nistru and Leana. The manufacturer gave this name Orbita to this cigarette brand because it represents the mystery, the unique taste and the uncommonness.

orbita cig

This brand attracts those smokers who are curious and mysterious. Orbita cigarettes give you confidence, strength and independence from the first inhalation. It helps you realize what means perfection indeed. It gives you hope of a better life.

These cigarettes have a simple design, blue-and-white pack with the image of a planet on it.. Anyway this doesn’t mean that you can’t try or taste it. The important fact about these cigarettes is that they are considered to be very new on the tobacco market but well known on the national and international market.

These cigarettes are great; they have a high quality and a nice taste. Orbita cig brand is one of those brands that once they got into your heart and soul they hardly get out. Even if it is a new tobacco product it has proved its quality.

We will be glad to offer you the tobacco products that you need. You can buy them at our online tobacco store at the lowest prices. We’ll wait for you. Orbita is the brand that has no limit, it getting better day by day.