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Plai cigarettes are made for persons who are patriots, who like the place they were born in. This brand is associated with your Motherhood and traditions. The name of this brand comes from the Romanian word “plai” and it means “motherhood”. It will help you understand your feelings toward your birth place.

plai cigarettes

In our lives we always have to make the right decisions, but we can never forget about our childhood and about the place where our home is. Any native land has a unique aroma that stays forever in someone’s heart and soul. Homeland is associated with something warm, very pleasant - the first steps, friends, parents and childhood. So Plai cigarettes will give you the opportunity to feel like at home, protected and without any worries.

Plai Cigarettes - Manufactured for Patriots.

This tobacco product is manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, a well known tobacco company in Eastern Europe. It has won many contests and participated in many forums organized in Europe. This smoking tobacco is accepted on the international tobacco market, because it has a good quality and is cheap in comparison with the other cigarette brands.

Plai brand has an impressive taste, a nice aroma and a really low price. If you feel nostalgia then you should try Plai cigarettes, thanks to them you will feel like you are back in time.

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