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The name of Zimbru cigarette brand comes from the Romanian word “zimbru”. For those who don’t know Romanian language it is hard to understand its meaning, but it still symbolizes force and power. And this word represents such an animal as “European bison” or an “ox”. The first characteristics that comes into your mind when you imagine an ox is: strong, wild, unpredictable and free. That is why smokers have to pay attention not only to the cigarettes but at the same time to its name.

Zimbru Cigarettes

This brand is manufactured by TUTUN CTC, the biggest tobacco company in Eastern Europe, which has won many tobacco contests. It is famous for its new technologies application and high quality tobacco. It has a leading place on the national and international tobacco markets.

Zimbru Cigarettes- A Strong Force to Feel

A strong, confident person will choose this brand without any regrets. The persons who like to fight for what is theirs will choose to smoke Zimbru cigarettes. This brand has a reddish-white pack with an ox in the middle. A big number of smokers already know this tobacco brand by the image of the ox.

Zimbru cigarette brand is a mixture of 20 sorts of the selected tobacco. It has an unbeaten aroma, a strong taste and a powerful flavor.

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