Illegal Cigarettes And Cash Found By Dogs

May 28, 2014

The stash was discovered secreted in a clandestine closet at the back of a mirror in Broughton in the off-licence throughout a day of targeted searches at hotspots in the city yesterday.

A sniffer dog guided Trading Standards detectives to the place where they were hidden, which was seized together with over £2,000 in ready money.

illegal  tobacco

Andy Edwards, illegal tobacco enforcement representative, affirmed that it is a great result and that it places a meaning across to associates of the society that prohibited tobacco is will be stamped out.

In total, 65,000 illicit cigarettes were discovered together with eight 36 litres of bootleg booze and 50g sets of rolling tobacco.

The preponderance were represented by NZ Gold Slims, a ‘cheap white’ smoking created for the black market.
Golden Virginia rolling tobacco was as well discovered together with actual products like Mayfair and Marlborough and that had been smuggled into the UK to stay away from taxes.

Murphy and Ozzie are the black Labradors who sniffed the haul.

Helen Evans affirmed that criminals who were selling illicit cigarettes became more and more complicated at hiding them.

She also told that they have found them in electromagnetic concealments, hydraulic lifts which are behind false floors, cupboards or false sinks.