Hookah Smoking Is More Dangerous Than Cigarettes?

June 05, 2014

Also known as goza, shisha and narghile a hookah represents a water pipe which has a smoke chamber, a pipe, a bowl and a hose. Particularly made tobacco is intense, and the smoke passes through water and after that is drawn throughout a rubber hose to a mouthpiece.

The tobacco from hookah is no less poisonous than cigarette, and the water in the hookah is not filtering out the deadly elements in the tobacco smoke.

Hookah Smoking

Hookah smokers might in fact breathe in more tobacco smoke compared to cigarette smokers do since of the big quantity of smoke they breathe in in one smoking session, which can last up to 60 minutes.

While investigation regarding hookah smoking is still rising, facts show that it has many risks:

Hookah smoke has high level of lethal mixes, including carbon monoxide, tar, heavy metals and cancer-causing substance. Actually, persons who smoke hookah are exposed to more smoke and carbon monoxide than are people who smoke regular cigarettes.

Hookah usage is associated to heart disease, oral and lung cancers and other serious diseases.

Hookah smoking distributes about the identical amount of nicotine as cigarette smoking, probably leading to tobacco confidence.

Hookah smoke creates risks linked with passive smoking.

Pregnant women who smoke hookah can have consequences in low birth weight children.

Sometimes in cafes and bars the Hookah pipes might not be cleaned correctly, putting at risk a person’s health.